Helping you to find the right property to buy or rent in London

 ​​Helping you to find the right property to buy or rent in London

A personalised approach to real estate. Guaranteed. Hassle-free.

Who we are

Xenofon Property Find is a property advisor – search agent in London working exclusively for buyers and renters.

We find for you the right property that fits all your unique criteria. Thanks to our end-to-end property search services, you don’t have to worry about complex processes as we handle all stages of the process.

Looking to buy or rent a property in London?

Looking to buy or rent a property?

How we can help

Leveraging extensive experience in London real estate market, Xenofon Property Find recommends the best options that tick all your boxes and budget requirements. We’re on a mission to streamline the property search experience from end to finish for our clients. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to help you find a property you’ll love.

Our approach

Property search
Real estate agencies work for landlords. On the contrary, we work for buyers and renters. That means we conduct extensive research on the open market to find good value for money options.
Schedule viewings
As your convenience is a key priority, we arrange all the viewings for the properties you’re interested in, to save valuable time from your busy schedule.
Property inspection
We inspect and evaluate every inch of the property to give you the reassurance that your new home follows the highest standards.
We negotiate the best price and most favourable terms on your behalf.
Property to buy in London

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