Looking to buy or rent a property?

I will find the best property for your criteria and handle all the steps of the process. With long experience in the UK real estate market I can recommend the best value for money option. I will also guide you along the entire process so that you can have a pleasant experience until you find a property you love.


Property Search

Real estate agents work for the landlord. I am working for you finding and showing you only quality options.


Property Inspection

I can evaluate any property based on my knowledge and experience from the London market


Viewings Scheduling

I can save you valuable time by scheduling all viewings for the properties you are interested in.


Offer and Contract Negotiation

I can save you money by negotiating the least possible price 


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Xenofon Property Find has been established since 2012 gaining itself great experience on London property market. Covering London zones 1-6 and Surrey, Xenofon provides wide knowledge on areas valuation served with high quality negotiations.

How it started

The first time I tried to rent a property, I thought it would be a simple process. I soon found out how wrong I was. I ended up stressed, exhausted and of course found a flat that was not great. That experience became the motivation to start Xenofon Property Find. I promised to myself to guide people through an easier and safer process and help them make a good value for money choice.


Looking for a room or apartment? Finding the perfect place to rent can be a frustrating and stressful process, especially when done in a limited time. Whether looking by yourself or with your family, friends or roommates I can help you find a great place. 


Buying a property in London is a big step. After understanding exactly your needs and requirements I will guide you until you find your dream home.

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