Looking to buy or rent a property in London?

Property to rent

Property search to rent service

We work solely on your behalf to find the best property for your budget, whilst helping you enjoy a hassle-free move. With more than ten years of experience in the London market, we are knowledgeable, experienced, and aware of the importance of professionalism, so we can help you find your next home.

How it works

Free initial consultation

Our service begins with a free consultation to discuss your requirements about your perfect home. During this discovery call, we clarify questions about the property search and suggest areas based on your criteria. Available over the phone or video call.

Property search

Our next task is to search for the right property that meets your needs. Once we’ve found some options, we send them to you to go through as soon as you can. If you like them, we will move to the viewing arrangement phase.

Schedule viewings

At this stage, we will liaise with the estate agent or landlord to arrange a viewing on your behalf. Rest assured that we have the experience and eye for detail to carry out the viewing for you if you can’t attend.

Property visit and inspection

We will visit each and every property you’re interested in. During the property viewings, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to avoid any surprises later. We will send you images and videos of the property to ensure no stone is unturned.

Negotiate an offer for the property

After you’ve chosen your property of choice, we will liaise with the estate agent or landlord to make an offer on terms to suit you. Once your offer is accepted, we will then continue to deal with every aspect of the rental process.

Contract and legal admin

Once your offer is accepted, it’s time for the rental agreement to be signed. We will continue to assist with reviewing the contract and ascertain that the terms are transparent, clear and fair for you. 


£450 fee paid in two instalments
£200 deposit