How it works


Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

After you contact me, I will offer you a FREE initial consultation to understand your requirements about your perfect home and find out what you are looking for. I can answer your questions and recommend good value for money areas.

The consultation can happen through video call on Skype, Messanger, Whatsapp, VIber. Also by phone or at a place.

Step 2: Property Search

I will then search at all the major property search engines for quality listings that meet your criteria. I will send you the best apartment/rooms for you to select.

Step 3: Viewings Scheduling

After you let me know of the properties you are interested in I will schedule viewings for them on your behalf. No need to make phone calls or exchange lengthy emails/texts.


Step 4: Property Visit and Inspection

I will visit each property you are interested in and provide you with pictures and evaluation. You also have the option to attend the visits with me.

Step 5: Offer Negotiation

After selecting your desired property I will communicate with the estate agent/owner to achieve the best deal for you. I can also negotiate to minimize the estate agent's requirements.

Step 6: Contract Exchange

Finally I will walk you through all the legal process and ensure the contract you sign is fair and according to your agreement.





£250 initial deposit





£200 initial deposit


Call me now for a FREE Consultation

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