How it works


Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

After you contact me, I will offer you a FREE initial consultation to understand your requirements about your perfect home and learn more about you. I can answer your questions and recommend good value for money areas.

The consultation can happen at a place and time that works for you. Also by phone or skype.

Step 2: Property Search

I will then search at all the major real estate offices and property search engines for quality listings that meet your criteria. I will send you the best properties including details and photos for you to select.

Step 3: Viewings Scheduling

After you let me know of the properties you are interested in I will schedule viewings for them on your behalf. No need to make phone calls or exchange lengthy emails/texts.


Step 4: Property Visit and Inspection

I will visit each property you are interested in with you and evaluate it to make sure it is high quality

Step 5: Price Negotiation

After you make a decision we will start the negotiation process. The negotiation is based on market research, analysis and property evaluation

Step 6: Contract Exchange

Finally, the solicitor takes over the process while the property survey/valuation is being performed. I will be available to help until the contracts are signed and exchanged.




0.6% of the final purchase price

£750 initial deposit, paid before property search (non-refundable)

Remaining amount paid after contract exchange

£1,500 minimum commission


Call me now for a FREE Consultation

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